A Note From Your Child: Those Moments Mattered

Dear Mom, 

When you wonder if all the small moments of small acts and small words were worth it?…They were. I noticed.

I remember the summer you made us go outside and “find something to do”. We glued rocks and leaves and acorns together and made an entire village of fairy houses. Each day my sisters and I couldn’t wait to create more.

Thank you for teaching me how to be creative and deal with being bored.

I remember when I was eleven trying to figure out which soccer team to choose. You didn’t make the choice for me. You made ME sit down and write a pros and cons list. It was so hard for me and I didn’t want to choose.

Thank you for giving me practice at making a hard decision on my own so I could make harder decisions later.

I remember when you took our 13 year old neighbor’s phone and, with permission, read her text messages out loud. You made us both see how much time could be wasted answering people back on a text string about unimportant things.

Thank you for helping me to evaluate where to spend my time (and why it wasn’t important for me to have a phone).

I remember when I had a classmate that was bothering me and I came home and asked you to talk to my teacher. You told me no, and then you sat with me at the table and practiced over and over what I could say to my teacher the next day.

Thank you for giving me confidence to speak up for myself and express my feelings. 

I remember when I needed to tell you that you were working too much and I wanted more time with you. So I wrote you a note about it and you changed your schedule for me.

Thank you for listening to me and showing me that my thoughts are important. 

I remember when you would turn down the radio in the car when we saw a homeless person on the side of the road and you would make us talk about it and then we would pray.

Thank you for teaching me compassion for others in my community.

I remember when you would make us hug each other when my sisters and brother and I got in fights or write apology notes or do that weird thing where we had to smile at each other while looking each other in the eyes and say three nice things.

Thank you for making us practice apologizing and forgiving and strengthening our bond as siblings. 

I remember when we made it to church every single weekend -even if it was the church nearest to our soccer field- and we never went to bed without praying together as a family.

Thank you for teaching me to make faith daily and consistent in my life. 

I remember when you would drive back and forth across many towns for me to spend time with my BFF from my team. You knew she was exactly what I needed in a friend.

Thank you for helping me to see what true friendship really is. 

I remember when I begged you for a phone when I was in middle school and everyone else had one. You always told me I didn’t need it and I’d thank you later. You were right and now I understand.

Thank you for protecting me from so much and for keeping me in my childhood much longer.

Maybe you have forgotten about many of those moments, and maybe neither one of us knew how important they’d be, but when I look back, they made a difference.

I love you so much for what you did then because of who you’ve helped me become today.

Thank you, Mom!

Jennifer Zumbiel