The Things That Carried Me Through My First Year in Business While Also Raising a Family


This week marks one year of Togather Moments out in the world!! (Plus two years behind-the-scenes you never saw.) Many, MANY moments living by these two bracelets I wear daily: “courage” and prayer. Both significant of catalysts at work on a journey to a place of which I could have never dreamed.

I can remember saying to my husband and later my brand designer that this had to be grounded in faith. The mission and families of Togather have been in my silent prayers, in my spoken prayers gathered around the table with my family offering intentions, holding this My Saint My Hero bracelet while driving, spoken in the quiet of bedtime prayers with my children. Making sure my heart is always in the right place and that I follow where I am led. THAT is what Togather is founded on.

Friends, starting a business isn’t easy. Don’t let anyone or any social media scroll make you think that. When I felt called to this and began praying for it, I knew it would not come without a price - hard work, unknown territory, fears, tears, mistakes, sacrifice. When a friend asked me what I wanted inscribed on a copper bracelet she would make me, I knew the word I needed to see over and over again was “courage”.

It is a gentle reminder that it’s worth it. YOU are worth it. All the times I want to give up, I know that I just need to have courage. Courage has also led me to the moments of great reward: an email from a customer telling me how this game brought her husband to happy tears, a text from a friend telling me she’s proud of me, a mom telling me how this has changed their mealtime & their family, forever. The highs keep you going and confident and the lows make you learn and persevere. You can’t have one without the other.

I have no idea what God’s plans are for Togather, but I do know that it will continue to always be built on prayer and courage. Thank you for trusting us to come into your home and thank you for believing and bringing us to our first birthday. Thank you for coming with us Togather together to grow.

💚, Jennifer