How to Teach Your Kids the Value of Hard Work

(3 Minute Read)

"I thought about quitting, but then I noticed who was watching." 

My six year old, Jules, walked in as I was sitting at the dining room table today working on some last minute things before my designer stopped over. She looked up at me from under her sweet glasses and sparkly tiara and said, "Mommy, is it hard to do all that? To run a business and stuff?" 


I stopped. That wasn't the question I was expecting. In a short few seconds my mind had a million thoughts. 

YES. Yes, it is hard. It's hard to have a dream and take the first step. It's hard to have four children and know that if you take that first step, your time with them will change. It's hard to know what that first step even is. It's hard to tell the people you're closest to that you're going for "it" when they can't understand why. It's hard to be confident that you are doing the right thing at exactly the right point in life. It's hard to believe that each tiny step can lead to a big change. It’s hard to trust that you have the ability to make this happen. It's hard to stay encouraged when you feel so unsure of so much.

It's hard to believe that God would choose little you for such a time as this.

But it's easy to believe when you have an old friend from high school send an email out of the blue to simply say, “don’t give up”. It's easy when you know you can count on one dear friend to "like" every single thing you post. It's easy when your husband believes in you enough to trust everything you're doing. It's easy when you have a friend who works overtime to help your dream happen. It's easy when you have children who are so proud to see their drawings in your game. It's easy when you have a local toy store believe in you from the moment they see your product. It’s easy when you talk to a new customer from 100 miles away who says they just know this is the help their family needs.

It's easy when you spend day after day in prayer and you feel you are exactly where God wants you to be. 

So, what did I say to my Julia? I told her, "Yes, this IS hard. It's very hard. But a lot of people believe in me and it's worth it and it's going to help a lot of families. That's why I do it." 

Creating and building a business from the ground up is not an easy task. It's scary and overwhelming and uncertain. There are people whom you think will be your biggest cheerleaders and then you find they don't care. Then there are people you barely know who send you a text and have an entire business plan created because they are just so excited for what this whole thing can be. And there’s that friend and family member who just keep saying, "I'm proud of you."

Through the ups and downs of my short journey thus far, I knew I would not quit. I have been blessed to find amazing encouragers in old friends and new. They drive me and keep me moving and help me believe that what I am doing is possible. When we watch someone go through their “hard” season - whether that is their hard season by choice or by chance – we have the opportunity to watch, to judge, to encourage, or to participate. What you choose may just be someone’s reason for not quitting and for growth. That makes you pretty important.

And when I think about how hard all of this really is, I look around my house and I see four pairs of little eyes watching my every move. It is then that I realize just how significant this moment is for me and for them. There are moments in life that teach us simply by being a part of them. My children are living that right now. They have had the privilege of watching their mom dream up an idea and watch every single part of the hard work that goes into making it happen. They have heard my countless prayers for myself and "for the families that will be impacted by Togather." They are watching me trust what I believe is God's plan for me and for us. And they are watching that it takes time.

So when you feel challenged to evaluate if what you are doing is too hard or not worth it, remember to look around and see what eyes are upon you. Your season of growth and how you handle it might just be the exact reason someone else experiences growth. Our witness is a powerful thing. And isn't that what it's all about? 


Jennifer Zumbiel