Frequently Asked Questions

Togather™ was designed to be a pretty easy game to pick up and play with your family — but we know you still may have some questions.

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Who can play Togather™?

We designed Togather™ so that all ages will be entertained and find it easy to participate. Truly. From new bike riders to new college students to new grandparents and everyone in between. You will most likely find that children as young as four or five will have fun playing and will do well with some prompting.

Are the stickers reusable?

The stickers are not reusable. The best part of Togather™ is that, unlike other question-type-games, your question is unique and you will be the only one to ever peel it. Although other people at your table can answer your question (and we do encourage that!), you can guarantee that the next time you play the game there won't be anyone complaining, "I already got this question..." Every conversation is new!

They also aren't reusable because, while reusable stickers are nice at first, they end up curled and are difficult to return to their original spot. We took great care to design a game of the highest quality as well as a game that creates unique, interactive fun. There is no other game quite like Togather™!

Will the stickers damage whatever I stick them to?

The stickers are printed on repositional low tack paper. This means they can easily be peeled off most things. However, please do not place them directly on the table or some family heirloom! We cannot be responsible for that. We recommend sticking with (pun intended) your arm, leg, napkin, or the edge of your plate.

How many stickers will we use at one meal?

You will probably find yourselves playing one to three rounds at a meal. Togather™ is designed to create a lot of conversation around each question so one round may last a long time because it simply leads to more quality communication.

So if you are a family of four, you may use 4-12 stickers over one meal — allowing you to use your Togather™ game over 9 t0 26 meals. Wow! That is a lot of growth for your family!

Can I find Togather™ in any stores?

Yes! Togather™ is available at several of our favorite locally-owned stores. View the list here, and visit them to pick up a Togather™ game of your very own.

Who created the adorable drawings?

Our children, of course! Every last detail of Togather™ was created out of love from our family to yours. Togather™ is authentic, sweet, fun, and should make you feel like you're hanging out with an old, trusted friend. That's how we feel and we hope you agree!