Togather™ the Game

Because today’s words matter tomorrow.


Togather™ is different than any game you've played, because it creates a unique experience for your family to grow closer through questions that matter.

Togather™ is a game in the form of a book. The game features seven categories, each with fifteen stickers. All 105 stickers were designed to create moments where you compliment each other, where you share your good deeds, and where you can't stop laughing about things around your house.

Why Togather™?

Communication is the most valuable part of planting seeds in our family — but without even trying, our face-to-face communication is threatened daily.

Screens at restaurants. Only passing each other at home. Running upstairs to shut the door. Trying to to make meaningful conversation and feeling like it’s all the same.

We’ve all been there. And what is that going to do to us in the long run? What if we just looked at the time to plant seeds as small moments instead of grand events?

The table. A captive audience. Put the food on it and the people will come. Leave the devices off of it and the conversation will flow. Keep the conversation fun and the laughter will spill. Encourage each other and the moments will happen. 

Enter Togather™.

Why stickers?

The passing of a physical book and peeling of stickers achieves 100% involvement. It creates feelings of togetherness and individuality knowing each person chose a unique sticker. Take turns going around the table reading your sticker and answering the question.

Where do we play?

Pick up Togather™ at home and play a few categories around dinner. Or take it to a restaurant and ensure that your family has an alternative to their phone screens.

We want Togather™ to be something that helps families focus on each other and put aside their distractions, even if only for a meal. 

We wanted a time to plant seeds so that your harvest will be plenty for years to come.

We think you will be grateful for the moments it creates and the memories it makes.

Because today’s words matter tomorrow.