Togather Screen-Free Challenge

Togather is an interactive family game-in the form of a book. It is the dinner table solution to catch all the moments where you just want to slow down, focus, and be present with one another. Sometimes all you have is the small moments and that's our specialty.

We have a heart for families so we are making Screen-Free Week (April 30 - May 6) all about you and growing closer.

We understand this challenge may be scary ;) That's why we are giving you a FREE resource with over 50 activities and questions to make it easier.

In today's world of over-scheduling and competition with screens, families crave communication that matters, goes deeper, and connects them.

 Try to do an activity each day and notice how the act of losing screens wins back communication. You got this. We'll help.

Please complete the form below to accept the Free Challenge.