Togather Game Reviews



Mom of four, ages 1 to 9

"We played Togather at dinner and my boys were so excited to sit down to eat and play. I actually got in-depth answers instead of the typical one-word answers such as "fine" or "good". It also led to more conversation. We will be playing this game often. Thank you so much for creating this!"

Mom of three, ages 14 to 18

"Everyone is stressed and overbooked. We're all on edge thinking of our next move after dinner. Togather removes that component with a structured but enjoyable activity. Everyone leaves feeling refreshed."

Mom of three, ages 4 to 10

""Wow! The game is amazing! We really enjoyed it last night and then played it again this morning before school while we were eating breakfast. We're hooked! It's so sweet and really educational for my kids in regard to their morals. I adore it! Thank you!"

Mom of three, ages 5 mo to 4

"We used it at dinner tonight and my four year old said, "I want to play this game every day and every night!" 

Mom of two, ages 9 to 12

"When I saw my friend post about this new game, I knew we needed it to spark conversation in our own family. My hope for our oldest son is to get him to share without being prompted and Togather encourages just that."

Mom of two, ages 1 & 6

"What an amazing idea and such a breath of fresh air! We laughed and connected unlike we usually do and my heart is so FULL!"