The Exact Way We Encourage Our Children to Use Their Gifts

Here I was in a defining moment and revelation in my life and those closest to me encouraged me and did not crush my spirit. Many times now, with my own children, I will recall that conversation with my dad, and wonder why I can’t be more supportive like he was. Why do I tell them it can't be done? Who knows if, in that moment, seeds are being planted to help our children figure out what they are created to do and who they are meant to be. 

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Jennifer Zumbiel
Learning How to Navigate God's Timing

As the years have carried on for a decade since we met our first baby girl, I am convinced that God planned this just for me. Life has a way of giving us many moments we don’t understand. When you think God hasn’t worked something out in just the way that you see fit within your family, sit back and let him do his work. Even if it takes 30 years.

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How to Stay Connected as a Family in a Way That Really Matters

The time goes quickly - as quickly as twelve summers and if we aren’t careful with how we foster our communication, our connections will fail. The time we have with our family is the time we are given to plant seeds and what we do with that precious time determines how rich we can make the soil of our family. May Togather be your tool for cultivating growth in your home.

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