Our Story

You know those moments when you catch an angle of your child’s face and all of a sudden they look older than you ever noticed? Or those moments when you lay in bed in regret wondering how you went all day without having a quality conversation with anyone in your family? Or what about that moment when you go to your child’s school open house and see their paper hanging outside their classroom that says their favorite pizza topping is pineapple — and you think, “What?! I have NEVER seen her eat pineapple on a pizza. I thought it was green peppers! How have I never heard this?”

Togather™ is the dinner table game solution to catch all these moments and all those in between, where you just want to slow down, focus, and be present with one another.

How Togather™ Began

If we’re lucky enough to notice, our life can deal us incredible "aha!" moments. Luckily, one of those moments came to me when my first and second children were still very young.

My husband came home from work and told me of a client that said he started taking each of his three children on a trip alone with just him during the summer they were sixteen. He did this because "we only have about twelve summers with our kids." Twelve. You can’t really begin making mutual memories until their third summer; then by the time they’re about 14, they’re too busy with friends to hang out much with you. You get twelve summers, and that’s it.

That was truly a gut punch. At that moment, when my girls were three and two, I decided to savor the moments we were given, because I grasped how fast it was going to go. I’m not claiming to have mastered being a wife or a mom, but I do know that we’ve tried very hard over the years to make all the moments we have together count.

I knew all those years ago that I was not going to look back on these months or years and realize there were too many things we never did or said. 

Fast forward to today. My husband of fourteen years and I are raising four children, ages three to eleven. We are juggling careers, sports, coaching, and many other activities. Family time doesn't just “pop up” in our schedule. We’re deliberate about creating moments that matter when all six of us are together.

Togather™ was born out of a desire to help other families make their own moments matter, too. In today's world of overscheduling and competition with screens, families crave communication that connects them. The reality is, when communication within families breaks down, the family itself faces a threat of breaking down.

I have a heart for my family, and I have a heart for yours. It’s my hope that Togather™ can be the tool that gives your family the moments you need to connect and grow. It can take the short moments you have together around a meal and multiply them to make you feel like you just spent hours laughing and encouraging one another. May Togather™ provide meals full of joy and connection for your family.

And may you never take for granted your twelve summers of planting and harvesting — and all of the seasons in between and thereafter.


Jennifer Zumbiel lives with her husband of fourteen years, their four children, and twelve years of memories with a bouncing Boxer. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing and Xavier University with a Masters in Secondary Education and a License in Social Studies.

Photography by  Lori Hill Photography , Cincinnati, OH

Photography by Lori Hill Photography, Cincinnati, OH


"And some seed fell into rich soil and grew and produced its crop a hundredfold...but as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a generous and good heart, and yield a harvest through their perseverance." Luke 8:8,15

The time we have together with our family is the time we are given to plant seeds. What we do with that precious time determines how rich we can make the soil of our family. And when our family gathers those moments, the harvest will be plenty.