Togather™ for Advent SEASONAL ONLY

Togather™ for Advent SEASONAL ONLY


LIMITED QUANTITIES AFTER OCTOBER 22. TO BE SHIPPED ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 20. Togather™ for Advent is different from other Advent calendars. It will help your family slow down this Christmas season by allowing you to prepare in a way that applies the lessons of the Biblical Christmas story to your daily life. Read the excerpt from the Christmas story as a family, peel the corresponding sticker, discuss the conversation starter together, place the sticker on the Advent wreath page included. (Advent wreath page folds out to 11x17 inches.)

25 discussion starter stickers for December 1 - December 25. 5 Family Activity Stickers to give you one simple and fun family activity to do each week before Christmas and one for Christmas Day. These will become the “candles” in the center of the wreath.

Togather™ for Advent helps you connect with your family in a deeper way through the small moments you find each day of the season.

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