Togather™ for Lunch

Togather™ for Lunch


How great does it feel to know someone values YOU? Pack that feeling right in your child’s lunchbag. Togather™ for Lunch includes 60 stickers to place in your child’s lunchbag - on a napkin or a snack bag.

“Play with Family” features 2 sets of 15 stickers each for you to connect with your child. Example: I think I could learn ____ from you. Could we set a time for you to teach me?

“Play with Friends” features 2 sets of 15 stickers each to encourage positive communication for your child with his or her friends at the lunch table. Example: Everyone share something nice that someone has done for you recently.

When your child returns home, discuss the conversation that the sticker created. (No more one-word answers!)

A lunchbag is one of the smallest ways you can connect with your child, and we take it one step further — let’s ask the questions that build and reveal character. Let’s grow in the small moments.

*Kindergarten through high school approved!

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